A Case For Equipment Leasing

We are seeing more and more Financial Institutions becoming burdened by equipment upgrades due to security, operating system and/or new credit card industry requirements. Many are finding that replacing old equipment is simply the best idea if upgrades are inclusive.

But new set-up problems arise: Cash Availability and ROA creep.

First let me address technology. Many see PCs and Copiers as things with a short technology life and schedule them for replacement, often leasing and simply replacing them at the end of the lease. I see security, ATMs and branch equipment much the same way. While the equipment I list should last longer than a copier or a PC, technological advances could always warrant a replacement every 5 years or so. Think about the advances in Cameras in just the last 5 years!

Better stated, leasing lets you stay on top of technological advances with minimal expense or risk.

Of course, cash usage is always an issue, just as the problem of adding assets is. Our leasing solutions can significantly lower your upfront costs, preserving working capital and freeing up cash. We offer fair market value expense leases, which turn what would have been assets into operating expenses. This protects your Return on Assets ratio while letting you stay in front of the technology curve with all the latest equipment.
Listening to our customers, we have customized leases to include service and parts, allow upgrades mid- lease, and flexible payment structures.

We love seeing more happy customers. This is one way we both win!