Some Thoughts on Managed Services

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New year. My time with family (and watching a lot of football) was great here. But with the holidays now behind us, I started to think more about 2015 and the challenges that are coming for all of us, and my mind moved to, “How can we make life easier for our customers?”
There are a lot of answers, continuing the ESI philosophy of ‘putting customers first,’ providing honest and timely feedback on all requests, etc. One that is always a good thought is for us to take some load off of our customers’ plates by using managed services.
First, what are managed services? These take many roles, such as; remote security monitoring, patch management at the ATM, even cash management. In this conversation, I’ll focus on three basic packages that can be implemented for less than $100 per month.
Our ATM security package includes Remote Patch Management (Patching of the Software Stack), Endpoint Protection (Anti-Spyware/Malware Protection – 24/7 Monitoring) and Anti-Skimming Detection. This package addresses keeping all the security measures available up to date and monitored. In a most recent wave of Windows 7 upgrades, we find that many ATMs have not had patches applied in years. This is obviously something that must be watched in today’s business environment.
Our Marketing package includes basics such as Intro Screens (‘Welcome,’’ Please Wait,’ & ‘Thank You’ – Change out 1x per Month), Personalization and Segmentation. These are good applications to keep your customer experience relevant and dynamic at the ATM. Concierge Video takes it one (giant) step even further. Look for more on that soon…
Our Operations package includes Remote Diagnostics with 24/7 Monitoring and Electronic Capture of your Electronic Journal Files.
I’m just scratching the surface here, but the list of services available could really fill several pages. The purpose is just to start a dialogue. I never want to assume that I know what my customer needs. What I can offer is a conversation to hear what you need and to see whether we have something that can provide real help to you.
As the year moves forward, I hope to share more thought provoking ideas along these lines. Happy 2015 to you all.